The beauty of Mungo National Park


The full moon rises while the sun sets simultaneously at the ancient sandstone rock formations known as the Walls of China at Mungo National Park.

Mungo National Park, located just over 100 kms north-east of Mildura, is a bewildering landscape with prehistoric origins.

Astoundingly beautiful, Mungo National Park is a place of tranquility and incredible history.

Thousands of years ago, the entire region was a huge lake, creating varying ecosystems depending on the climate and making for spectacular biodiversity.

Many of Australia’s wildlife can be traced back to the area through the many fossils lying about.


Driftwood in Mungo National Park, by Newsjunkie93 at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

It wasn’t until 15,000 years ago when the lake dried up and wild weather swept the land that the now famous Great Walls of China were created from eroded Mungo lunette.

The park is now a dramatic landscape of red sand and extensive wildlife including wedge-tailed eagles and red kangaroos.

Explore historic sites including Gol Gol Station, the Mungo Woolshed and marvel at the beautiful cypress pine building.

As one of the earliest known sites to have been inhabited by humans in Australia, Mungo National Park is the destination that truly has it all, and after 40,000 years you’d certainly hope so.

Whether it’s bushwalking, geology, history, flora and fauna, let the magic of one of Australia’s most ancient and beautiful parks take you on a mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime.

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