A Guide to Blue Mountain

As the sun sets, bird calls float up the sheer wall of rock.  A blue haze hangs over unbroken miles of eucalyptus forest. On the valley floor, the cool streams that you explored earlier today trickle through rainforest groves. Lie back in the spa and raise your glass in a toast to Australia’s most accessible wilderness experience.

In the year 2000 over one million hectares of land was listed as the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. It has been described as a “living laboratory” – a place to study the extraordinary evolutionary processes at work all around us. This unique eco-system has been shaped by tens of millions of years of erosion by fire, water and wildlife – the local lyrebirds each move 63 tonnes of soil every year!

From any of the towns and villages around the Grand Circular Tourist Drive a ten-minute stroll can immerse you in the sounds and scents of the bush; a leisurely twenty-minute walk can lead you to a secluded picnic beside your own private waterfall.

Stay another day… and take the time to explore. Experience the stillness – look down on valleys ringing with the calls of bell birds. Look up…and up from the valley floor to the cliff tops above you. And take the time to wonder whether anything in the wilderness is watching you back…