Eco-tours on the Murray River

Eco Tours on the Murray River

Explore the Murray a different way. Take an eco-tour, canoeing and kayaking along the Murray River with a fantastic guide.

It will surely become a highlight of your holiday. Launch from a quiet billabong adjacent to the Murray, spend 90 minutes exploring the fascinating wild life filled backwaters of the main channel. Bird life, monitor lizards sunning themselves and the quiet stillness of this quintessential Australian outback experience combine to create a truly memorable trip.

Be prepared to a get a little wet out on the water but the canoes and kayaks are very stable and you have to try quite hard to capsize, and if you do, there’s life jackets so all will be good.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, from children to seniors, kayaking and canoeing gets the blood pumping but it’s also very relaxing to just casually paddle along.

Learn about the fascinating history of the Murray, how this wild river has changed, influenced by the march of modern man, the industrial age and colonisation.
For nature lovers, explorers, adventurers, history lovers or those who just love the water, paddle tours and eco-tours on the Murray River are a fantastic option.

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