Fossey’s Ginporium


Fossey’s Ginporium is set in one of Mildura’s oldest and most iconic venues, The Settlers Club, where the bar is open twice a week.

It has become a super popular attraction in Mildura because the vaguely steampunk atmosphere and aesthetic is grand, the staff are friendly and the drinks and tales flow.

Fossey’s Gin Elixir has become a household name as creators of the finest Gin, the reviews of the drink itself are positively glowing. However it’s the experience of a visit tot hte Ginporium itself that is earning it such an explosion of popularity. 

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The flavours of this elderberry drink are many and varied with such creations and flavours to taste as you please. Try the famous Christmas Pud or the Dessert Lime.

The sampling paddle board is a must-try, as are the eclectic mixes on the menu.

Pizza is ordered from across the road and delivered while you enjoy your drinks, it’s definitely a win-win symbiotic relationship.

Open on Thursdays and Saturdays, head in to get the distillery spiel from Steve. He’s an expert both on Gin and on the area – there’s plenty to chat about over a few small batch G&T’s.

Expect plenty of gin related puns, funny hats and some of the best gin cocktails you may ever taste.


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