Mildura Arts Centre and Rio Vista House


The Mildura Arts Centre is a modern facility that features live art presentations and a fantastic museum that attracts rave reviews and visitors from all over the country.

The museum itself, Rio Vista house, is a window into the past, like visiting the home from a bygone era. The house has been restored and further restoration is being planned. It features all original furniture and fittings, stunning stained glass windows and decorative floors that inform the history of the region and the grandiose statement in an otherwise down to earth setting.

Head down to Mildura Arts Centre to enjoy the sunshine and the cool tunes of Todd Griffiths at the MAC's Twilight Session happening now.

Staff are always willing to share a story or two and the whole place is kid friendly with lots to explore and fascinate.

The Mildura Arts Centre itself hosts permanent and visiting exhibitions so there’s always something to see. Be welcomed by the smell of freshly ground coffee and the fabulous sight of the jacarandas as the location itself is fantastic. Delve into collections from some of Australia’s most renowned artists and see a range of fascinating artwork from around the globe. When in Mildura be sure to visit the Arts Centre and the Rio Vista house to satisfy your cultural urges!

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