Mildura’s Local Produce


Renowned as being a major ‘food bowl’ Mildura is the home of local fresh produce. There’s nothing better than fresh local produce and there are many ways to sample these goods. From local farmers markets to a dish served at a local eatery – Mildura is definitely a foodie’s delight.

From the paddock to the plate – Murray cod and Mallee lamb are on the menu and are renowned for their flavoursome eating.

You’ll find Mallee lamb taking pride of place as signature dish on the menu boards of local restaurants and it’s presented in many different ways.

Did you know – Mildura Region grows nearly 100% of Australia’s dried vine fruit (98% in total) as well as 75% of Australia’s table grapes, 69% of almonds and 48% of pistachios.

The region is also renowned for it’s pink Murray River Salt – now a hot culinary commodity the world over after being awarded 2 Golden Stars by the prestigious International Taste Quality Institute based in Brussels. Considered essential by foodies and top chefs, the concentrated brine is pumped up from an ancient inland sea and goes on a journey through a series of canals before ending up in crystallizer ponds where it is harvested. You can visit the salt mining site on a tour with Discover Mildura.


Wine Wine Wine!

Sample some of Mildura’s distinctive wines at some of the cool boutique wine bars.

Snack on finger food and nibbles and savour the flavours of premium vintages and blends.

You can expect to find quirky and contemporary styling, smooth melodies from live musicians and enthusiastic and proud service.

For Cellar Doors and Wineries you’re truly spoilt for choice, the Mediterranean climate is well suited for growing grapes. The Murray Darling region accounts for more than 20% of Australia’s winegrape harvest. From boutique to large scale facilities there are so many cellar doors and wineries to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Cafes and Restaurants

That’s the food – now you probably want to eat it!

Enjoy cafe style breakfast or lunch in the locally renowned “Feast Street’ precinct where you’re likely to suffer from having too many good choices. Dinner is available at many multicultural restaurants or go for casual and relax at the pizza cafe or grill bars offering side-walk dining in the open air. Restaurants spill out onto the street as the sun sets and the warm Mildura sunshine gives way to pleasant and cool sunset breezes with the buzzing atmosphere of evening goers.

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