The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Australian Inland Botanic Gardens Lotas Nelumno nucifera

The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens are located just 15 minutes from Mildura in Buronga, NSW.

First planted in 1991, the garden was set up to feature a range of rare, exotic, common and native flowers, trees and plants from around the world and from Australia.

What makes the Inland Botanic Gardens interesting, apart from the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere, is the way that plants are organised according to their continent or country of origin.

It’s like walking through several different worlds, from the arid interior to tropical coastal oasis.

Wonderful summer houses are dotted throughout the property including one with a magnificent seed pot decorated ceiling.

Check out the “wow” tree, named for its impressive history. It’s a huge Mallee tree, indigenous to the region but special because of its size and age. If you find a local, ask them about the tree!

The tree is thought to be around 2500 years old.

There also stands a Wollemi pine – a species thought to be extinct until a botanist stumbled across a grove of them near Sydney. The Australian Botanic Gardens play a role in their conservation as the secret of the discovery was kept until sufficient numbers had been restored. Even so the Wollemi pine is a rare species.

The gardens are a wonderful place to relax and explore. Go walking or take a picnic and have a barbecue with the family. There are plenty of large grassed areas for play and you’ll find shade for a snooze. You can take one of the self guided walks. The gardens are looked after by a team of volunteers and entry is by donation.

Image Credit: “Nelumno nucifera open flower – botanic garden adelaide2” by Peripitus – Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Commons –

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